Sept. 19 (Thu.)Sept. 20 (Fri.)Sept. 21 (Sat.)

Sept. 19 (Thu.)

Time Soshikan Hall / Conference Room
(1st FL.)
Soshikan Hall / 405, 406
(4th FL.)
Seishinkan Hall / #526
(2nd FL.)
8:30- Registration
9:00- TEI Workshop 2013
James Cummings
9:15- Historical GIS Workshop
Keiji Yano
*no participation fee
Chair: A. Charles Muller
Harold Short, Ray Siemens, 'International Communities of Practice and Global Strategies for Digital Humanities'
18:30-20:30 Welcome Drink @Calme


Sept. 20 (Fri.)

Time Soshikan Hall / Conference Room
(1st FL.)
Soshikan Hall / 303, 304
(3rd FL.)
8:30- Registration
9:00- Opening (TBA)
9:30- [SESSION 1]
Chair: Takafumi Suzuki
[LP]Jonathan Hope, 'The Language of Tragedy: Tracking a Shifting Target in a Historical Corpus'
[LP]Maki Miyake, 'Different Characteristics of Variant Readings Based on Comparison of Major Textual Similarity Measures'
[LP]Asanobu Kitamoto, Yoko Nishimura, 'Data Criticism: a Methodology for the Quantitative Evaluation of Non-Textual Historical Sources with Case Studies on Silk Road Maps and photographs'
11:00- Coffee Break
11:15- [SESSION 2]
Chair: Toru Tomabechi
[LP]Koichi Takahashi, 'A Consideration on Marking up the Madhyāntavibhāgaṭīkā by Using TEI P5: A Complicated Case of a Critical Edition Including Extensive Reconstruction'
[LP]Espen S. Ore, 'A Nordic Tradition for Digital Scholarly Editions?'
[LP]Tomohiko Morioka, 'Linked Open Data for Chinese Characters'
12:45- Lunch
14:00- [PANEL 1]
Chair: Jennifer Edmond
Cormac Hampson, Jennifer Edmond, Susan Schreibman, Vicky Garnett and Karolina Badzmierowska, 'Semantic Uplift in the Digital Humanities'
15:30- Coffee Break
15:45- [PLENARY 1]
Chair: Keiko Suzuki
Speaker:Ellis Tinios, Akihiko Takano, John Resig, Ryo Akama, 'A new stage in the development of cultural resource databases'
19:00-21:00 Banquet @TAWAWA


Sept. 21 (Sat.)

Time Soshikan Hall / Conference Room
(1st FL.)
Soshikan Hall / 303, 304
(3rd FL.)
8:00- Registration
8:30- [SESSION 3]
Chair: Christian Wittern
[LP]Juan F. Belmonte, 'Spaces Beyond the Human: An Expanded Analysis of Traversable Space in Video Games'
[LP]Jennifer Edmond, Susan Schreibman, 'The Hub and Spoke Model of Digital Humanities Infrastructure'
[SP]J. Stephen Downie, David Bainbridge, 'Integrating Independent Discovery and Analysis Tools for the HathiTrust Corpus: Enhancing Fair Use Digital Scholarship'
9:45- Coffee Break
10:05- [SESSION 4]
Chair: Espen S. Ore
[LP]Takako Hashimoto, Yukari Shirota, 'Framework of an Advisory Message Board for Women Victims of the East Japan Earthquake Disaster'
[LP]Christian Wittern, 'The Daozang Jiyao Electronic Edition - Considerations for a Sustainable Scholarly Digital Resource"
[SP]Paul Arthur, 'Online Biographical Dictionaries as Virtual Research Environments'
11:20- Break
11:30- [PLENARY 2]
Chair: A. Charles Muller
James Cummings, 'ODDly Pragmatic: Documenting encoding practices in Digital Humanities projects'
12:40- JADH AGM (Lunch)
14:10- [SESSION 5]
Chair: Shoichiro Hara
[LP]Yoshiaki Murao, Yoichi Seino, 'Designing the Chronological Reference Model to define temporal attributes'
[SP]Yu Fujimoto, 'Ideal Type Modelling and Analysis - A Model Driven Approach in Cultural Sciences -'
14:55- Coffee Break
15:15- [PANEL 2]
Chair: Susan Brown
Geoff G. Roeder, Teresa Dobson, Ernesto Peña, Susan Brown, Elena Dergacheva, Ruth Knechtel,
'Exploring the Future of Publishing through Software Prototyping: Three Reports on a Workflow-Management User Experience Study'
16:45- Break
16:55- [PLENARY 3]
Chair: Mitsuyuki Inaba
Paul Arthur, Jieh Hsiang, Masahiro Shimoda, 'Transcending Borders through DH Networking in the Asia-Pacific'
17:55-18:20 Closing