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詳細 Keyword Woman's Dance 資料No. nohken-K2144 資料名 二曲三体図 (K2144_08.jpg)
項目1 項目2 Project 能画
説明 The elegant grace of yūgen originates here. Dance in the Woman's Mode is of a particularly lofty demeanor, given the perspective afforded by the wondrous Substance of yūgen. Among the visual effects of the Two Arts is the figure of a child, and the Three Modes as well, the Woman's Mode should be considered the greatest achievement. Do not forget that the intent is to be the Substance and that force is to be cast aside; the forms for singing and dance are to be linked throughout by the mind. This is the supreme performance of this art. The wondrous excitement of singing and dance, made one through the mind, is to be found in this elegant expressiveness. UserMemo
詳細 Keyword Izutsu 資料No. nohken-y17-29 資料名 大蔵流作り物秘録 (29-18.jpg)
項目1 項目2 Project 能画
説明 well UserMemo
詳細 画像ファイル名(K2144_08.jpg)
詳細 画像ファイル名(29-18.jpg)
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