We aim to promote talented researchers who can carry the responsibilities of Digital Humanities education and research in while maintaining close ties with similar programs in various foreign countries. Such researchers will be aware of trends in Japanese studies overseas, while possessing a good command of the information in the digital archives. They will be able to take a leading role on the world stage to advance the progress of researchIn terms of research activities, we seek a deeper study of the humanities based on a Digital Humanities program whose subjects are Japanese art and culture, centered on the historic city of Kyoto.

We will make full use of the most advanced information technologies, such as digital archives, databases, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Web 2.0. Our systematically organized information on Japanese art and culture will be open, cooperative and useful in a wide variety of contexts. And we will serve as a global portal for the study of Japanese art and culture.We aim to create a new system of cultural exchanges among talented researchers and to make the results of research available throughout the world.We see the historic city of Kyoto as both a base for promoting scholarship on Japanese art and culture around the world, and a global hub for education and research.