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AcNo. 5245-022-02 CoGNo. 5245-022-02 CoOverlap: 1 AlGNo. 5245-022-02 AlOverlap: 1 Date of publication: () month/day place: Publish note: OrderNo.:( )
Artist's Name 北斎 Artist(R) Katsushika Hokusai Signature 月☆老人為一筆 Block Carver, Printer Other names on the print 秋賑亭 数益、秋翁亭 菊盛、森蔭亭 春秋、秋長堂 物簗 Censor's Seal Size & Tech. 角摺物錦絵(20.5×17.8)() Continued direction Position 001:001/01;01 Version 1
Title1 「[元禄歌仙貝合] ( ) Seal No.1 Publisher's No.1 Publisher's Name1 Publisher's mark
Title2 「さだへ貝」 ( ) Seal No.2 Publisher's No.2 Publisher's Name2 Publisher's note
Genre   Theme   Series No. Name Object Genre 浮世絵
AcNo. 5245-022-02 Cast  
Performance Title Kana Section of Program
Play Title Kana Act and Scene
Dance Title Kana Music
Detail Kana Date of Performance Area Theater
AcNo. 5245-022-02  
Other texts on the print
Group Description Indivisual Description
Group Notes 【備考1】近景左に栄螺堂【備考2】楢崎 北斎論【備考3】キーズ 外国のもの【画面上テキスト】「秋賑亭数益 引舟も霞むらかんのさゝへ堂円通閣はつんほ桟敷か 秋翁亭菊盛 さゝへ堂みおろしもよき種蒔てかつしか稲のめくむ春の田 森陰亭春秋 こゝへもて摘くさかてらひらきなハいかにそ割篭さゝへ堂にて 秋長堂物簗 寒だけはとうにたちたる菜の花もよいきはらしとみるさゝへ堂」 Indivisual Notes
AcNo. 5245-022-02 Collection 東京都立中央図書館 Original Accession No. 5245-022-02 Collection Seal
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