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AcNo. shiUY0141 CoGNo. shiUY0141 CoOverlap: 1 Date of publication: 嘉永01 (1848) month/day 03・ place: 大阪 Publish note: OrderNo.:( 184803. )
Artist's Name 広貞 Artist(R) Gosoutei Hirosada Signature 広貞 Block Carver, Printer Other names on the print Censor's Seal Size & Tech. 中判/錦絵 Continued direction Position 004:005/01;01 Version
Title1 「忠烈義士伝」「寺岡平右衛門」 ( ) Seal No.1 Publisher's No.1 Publisher's Name1 Publisher's mark
Title2 ( ) Seal No.2 Publisher's No.2 Publisher's Name2 Publisher's note
Genre 上方絵  忠臣蔵  Theme   Series No. Name Object Genre 浮世絵
AcNo. shiUY0141 Cast 寺岡平右衛門 〈1〉片岡 市蔵
Performance Title いろは仮名四十七訓 Kana いろはがなしじゅうしちくん Section of Program
Play Title いろは仮名四十七訓 Kana いろはがなしじゅうしちくん Act and Scene
Dance Title Kana Music
Detail Kana Date of Performance 嘉永01 03・吉 Area 大阪 Theater
AcNo. shiUY0141  
Other texts on the print
Group Description Indivisual Description
Group Notes Indivisual Notes
AcNo. shiUY0141 Collection 立命館ARC(白樺文庫) Original Accession No. Collection Seal
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