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AcNo. arcUP0330 CoGNo. arcUP0330 CoOverlap: 1 AlGNo. arcUP0330 AlOverlap: 1 Date of publication: 明治05 (1872) month/day 04・ place: 東京 Publish note: OrderNo.:( 187204 )
Artist's Name 国周、一景 Artist(R) Toyohara Kunichika Signature 豊原国周筆(年玉印) Block Carver, Printer 片田彫長 Other names on the print Censor's Seal 壬申四 Size & Tech. 大判/錦絵 Continued direction Position 001:001/01;03 Version
Title1 「花菖蒲対の俳優」 ( ) Seal No.1 321 Publisher's No.1 821 Publisher's Name1 万屋 孫兵衛 Publisher's mark 板元 万 日本はし通り一 万孫
Title2 「三筋の綱五郎 河原崎三升」「☆菊の紀の介 沢村訥升」 ( ) Seal No.2 Publisher's No.2 Publisher's Name2 Publisher's note
Genre 役者絵  Theme   Series No. Name Object Genre 浮世絵
AcNo. arcUP0330 Cast 三筋の綱五郎 〈7〉河原崎 権之助 ☆菊の紀の介 〈2〉沢村 訥升
Performance Title Kana Section of Program
Play Title Kana Act and Scene
Dance Title Kana Music
Detail Kana Date of Performance 明治05 04・ Area 東京 Theater (見立)
AcNo. arcUP0330  
Other texts on the print
Group Description 役者を国周、背景を一景が描いている。浴衣の模様はそれぞれの役者が描いたものヵ。 Indivisual Description
Group Notes Indivisual Notes
AcNo. arcUP0330 Collection 立命館ARC Original Accession No. Collection Seal
Collection URL
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